Keeper of Winds and Keeper of Waves

While out exploring Mount Maelstrom, Adaliind came across the Keeper of Winds and the Keeper of Waves.  The keeper of winds is a black moa.  She wasn’t aware of this at the time, but by killing this keeper a portal would open to an unknown discovery.  The Keeper of Winds put up a great fight, but Adaliind and Simba (her jungle stalker) were victorious in the end.  A portal did open that leads to Dierdre’s Steps, which will be touched upon tomorrow.  As Adaliind ventured out of the portal she was placed in an area known as Gauntlet Gulch.  While there she found the Keeper of Waves, a giant crab.  Once again a battle ensued and in the end the Keeper laid defeated.  But something interesting happened……another portal open leading back to the secret garden she had just left.  Once again she stepped through and found more amazing challenges.

gw232 - Copy

Keeper of Winds

(The red glow is a skill I have with my pet called Rampage as One.  Basically when I rampage with my pet

I gain stability, fury and swiftness.  Me and my pet also gain might to each other)


Keeper of Waves


Keeper of Waves with my pet brown bear, Brutis


Once killing one of the Keepers, a portal appears

(There are four keepers all together; Keeper of Winds, Keeper of Waves, Keeper of Earth and Keeper of Life )


A brief glimpse from the other side of the portal.  It’s a secret garden with beautiful waterfalls and much, much more!