While Zeallana was questing around Kessex Hills,  she came across the Eukaryan Caves and met with Malal, a Hylek frog that watches over the caves.  He likes to have visitors dig for truffles.  What he doesn’t tell you is what FORM you will be in as you dig………


Zeallana, the pig, with Malal


A very happy pig at that!


Once back to her natural state, Zeallana went to visit Fort Salma


Now in nice, new, shiny armor she will rest for the night and continue her adventure tomorrow……..

gw075 - Copy

Shopping is always a girls best friend

(Actually purchased with karma points from quest vendors)

Draithor’s Demenes and Triskellion Vale

Draithor’s Demesnes is a place in Kessex Hills located in the swamp area in the vicinity of  Blackroot Cut.  While helping a fellow villager retrieve items from Draithor’s Demesnes, Zeallana encounter a veteran draithor’s wurm.


Veteran Draithor’s Wurm


Upon leaving this area she ventured to Triskellion Vale, to a small mining village.


While visiting the village and inspecting the mine, a group of Centaurs decided they would try and over take the facility.

They did not succeed!


Now, for some much needed ale!