Rebuilding Lions Arch

Well the day has come where Lions Arch is finally under construction!  I took the time to go around the city and take some screenshots of construction site and workers.  I will miss the old city full of boats and the harbor atmosphere so popular among the city.  Only time will tell how the new Lions Arch will finally look.



Workers on scaffolds


Charr hard at work


Scaffolding and sand fillers


Working on bridge repair


Some of the old scenery of Lions Arch.  The boat decor made it such an original city.  


Soon the future of the city will reveal itself


Zelechor Hot Springs

After a long day of venturing out into the lands of Tyria, Ellagwen enjoys a nice long visit at the hot springs in Wayfarer Foothills, in the Shadowhorns area.



Hot Springs

(Ellagwen is to the far right)

Draithor’s Demenes and Triskellion Vale

Draithor’s Demesnes is a place in Kessex Hills located in the swamp area in the vicinity of  Blackroot Cut.  While helping a fellow villager retrieve items from Draithor’s Demesnes, Zeallana encounter a veteran draithor’s wurm.


Veteran Draithor’s Wurm


Upon leaving this area she ventured to Triskellion Vale, to a small mining village.


While visiting the village and inspecting the mine, a group of Centaurs decided they would try and over take the facility.

They did not succeed!


Now, for some much needed ale!



Ellagwen is a thief and comes from the race of Norn, just like Adaliind.  Ellagwen is the one who will sit in a dark place, watching and listening to those nearby.  Her talents are in the arts of stealth, infiltration and escape.  She will use a mask at times, to hide her identity.  She is another one that uses the snow leopard as a spirit guide.  She looks to the spirit for its ability to blend in and its quiet footsteps towards a prey.  She listens to intuition and instinct in dangerous situations.

Her family lives on the outskirts of Hoelbrak, in the Shiverpeaks Mountains.  She holds her family dear, but realizes her trade is a deadly one.  Thieves hardly stay close to anyone for their targets would like nothing more than to have an advantage over them, and that usually comes in the death of a loved one.  Therefore she stays away as much as possible from her family as not to endanger them.  Her passion is daggers, but when distance is a must, she uses a short bow to do her deal.  She has trained with some of the best thieves in the area to increase her awareness of her surroundings and to learn how to implement her weapons in a more deadly way.


Ellagwen recently went into Lion’s Arch where Scarlet Briar has wreaked havoc

over the entire city.  Lion’s Arch once a beautiful port area and booming metropolis, is now

left in shambles and burning.  Her goal….to kill Scarlet once and for all.  To gain back the city that was once

a home to many and respected by all races.


As she waits to teleport up to Scarlet’s floating ship, Scarlet sends down

one of her legendary assault knights to try and defeat the warriors that are on

a mission to bring justice back to the city.  Ellagwen can feel the eyes of the

knight peering down on her……


And then the battle begins!!


The attack on the ground is a success!  Now the real encounter begins. As we

first enter the ship, a hologram of Scarlet emerges on the deck.

gw046         gwell3

And once again the battle ensues! Scarlet’s holograms are everywhere.  Warriors are close

to dying, but fellow soldiers help to keep them alive and fighting!



Scarlet is down!

Now Ellagwen confronts Scarlet, knowing that the final battle will be a deadly one


Ellagwen comes out victoriously.  Finding a nearby stake, she plunges it into

Scarlet where the villain succumbs to her wounds.


Now Lion’s Arch is free, and the city can concentrate on rebuilding.

Wealth is granted to those who fought in the battle.  Ellagwen feels a sense of euphoria,

for death of a villain is one she always finds rewarding.

(To learn more on Scarlet Briar)



Guild Wars 2

This blog started off as a challenge and now I am just keeping it going leisurely.  If you are familiar with the game, Guild Wars 2, then the images will be recognizable.  If not, let me tell you a little about the game.  It is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft.  Set in the fantasy world of Tyria, the game follows the re-emergence of Destiny’s Edge, a disbanded guild dedicated to fighting the Elder Dragons, a  species that has seized control of Tyria.  The  game takes place in a persistent world with a story that progresses in instanced environments. 

Guild Wars 2 takes place in the high fantasy  world of Tyria, 250 years after the players’ defeat of the Great Destroyer in the Eye of the North expansion. Five so-called Elder Dragons sleeping beneath the continent have awoken in the time since Guild Wars, causing widespread destruction to Tyria and corrupting its inhabitants. The once dominant humans of Tyria are in decline, supplanted from most of their land by natural disasters and war with the charr, who have finally reclaimed the last vestiges of their ancestral homeland of Ascalon from the humans. To the north, the norn, a proud race of Nordic hunters, have been forced south by the rise of Jormag, the elder dragon of ice. In the west, the technologically advanced asura have been forced to establish permanent homes above-ground after the minions of the first dragon to awaken, Primordus, took control of the Depths of Tyria. Near the forests where the asura make their home are the sylvari, a new race who have appeared in Tyria in the last 25 years, unaffected by the difficulties that plague the other races but with some as yet unexplained connection to the Elder Dragons.

To the south, the continent of Cantha has been cut off by an isolationist and xenophobic political climate, which is reinforced by Zhaitan’s undead navy. The continent of Elona, too, has been cut off; the only hint of its continued prosperity being the ongoing battle between the lich Palawa Joko’s Mordant Crescent and Kralkatorrik, the crystal dragon in the Crystal Desert, as well as occasional reports from Order of Whispers (a secretive organization) spies. The Battle Isles have been wiped off the map entirely by the tidal wave caused by the re-emergence of the fallen kingdom of Orr, which came with the awakening of  Zhaitan.   (All information above from Wikipedia)

As a player you start of by creating a character.  You have 5 races to choose from.  Once you select your race, you have a detailed customization panel that enables you to make your character unique.  Next you select your profession.  There are 8 professions to choose from, ranging from a warrior to a mesmer.  You will enter the home world belonging to your race and start your journey from there.  There are many quests, skill points, points of interest, vista’s and dynamic events to get you going.  And of course lets not forget about crafting.  There are 8 crafting professions you may choose from.  Another thing unique to your character is their story mission.  Your character will tackle many enemies as their story continues to unfold.

Since the game is constantly evolving, there is always something to do.  For more information check out this wiki, Guild Wars 2 wiki, and find the answer to all the questions you may have.

I will be using my characters to enhance this blog with spectacular pictures.  Some I may journal about, others I will just post.  If you have any questions please ask and I will do my best to answer.  Well here it goes…….

Welcome to Tyria!