Ellagwen is a thief and comes from the race of Norn, just like Adaliind.  Ellagwen is the one who will sit in a dark place, watching and listening to those nearby.  Her talents are in the arts of stealth, infiltration and escape.  She will use a mask at times, to hide her identity.  She is another one that uses the snow leopard as a spirit guide.  She looks to the spirit for its ability to blend in and its quiet footsteps towards a prey.  She listens to intuition and instinct in dangerous situations.

Her family lives on the outskirts of Hoelbrak, in the Shiverpeaks Mountains.  She holds her family dear, but realizes her trade is a deadly one.  Thieves hardly stay close to anyone for their targets would like nothing more than to have an advantage over them, and that usually comes in the death of a loved one.  Therefore she stays away as much as possible from her family as not to endanger them.  Her passion is daggers, but when distance is a must, she uses a short bow to do her deal.  She has trained with some of the best thieves in the area to increase her awareness of her surroundings and to learn how to implement her weapons in a more deadly way.


Ellagwen recently went into Lion’s Arch where Scarlet Briar has wreaked havoc

over the entire city.  Lion’s Arch once a beautiful port area and booming metropolis, is now

left in shambles and burning.  Her goal….to kill Scarlet once and for all.  To gain back the city that was once

a home to many and respected by all races.


As she waits to teleport up to Scarlet’s floating ship, Scarlet sends down

one of her legendary assault knights to try and defeat the warriors that are on

a mission to bring justice back to the city.  Ellagwen can feel the eyes of the

knight peering down on her……


And then the battle begins!!


The attack on the ground is a success!  Now the real encounter begins. As we

first enter the ship, a hologram of Scarlet emerges on the deck.

gw046         gwell3

And once again the battle ensues! Scarlet’s holograms are everywhere.  Warriors are close

to dying, but fellow soldiers help to keep them alive and fighting!



Scarlet is down!

Now Ellagwen confronts Scarlet, knowing that the final battle will be a deadly one


Ellagwen comes out victoriously.  Finding a nearby stake, she plunges it into

Scarlet where the villain succumbs to her wounds.


Now Lion’s Arch is free, and the city can concentrate on rebuilding.

Wealth is granted to those who fought in the battle.  Ellagwen feels a sense of euphoria,

for death of a villain is one she always finds rewarding.

(To learn more on Scarlet Briar)






Adaliind is from the Norn race.  The Norns are giant humanoids.  They are a bit rough around the edges, but they value fellowship, deeds of heroism, and celebration of good times.  Adaliind keeps to herself.  She is quiet, yet has eyes that would chill your bones.  She is focused and determined when she is in battle.  Her pet companions are everything to her.  She treats them as if they were her children.  Her spirit guide is the snow leopard, which teaches her ther is a time to be serious and a time to laugh.    She is gentle with mother earth and tries to leave little behind.  She makes her living by hunting and gathering resource goods (plants, lumber, minerals).  She only hunts what she knows will be completely used for food, clothing and weapons.  She never hunts for sport.  She is a lover of all creatures.  She hunts in the Shiverpeaks Mountains, but at times must seek other regions to explore.


This is Adaliind.  A level 80 Ranger with her pet, Brutis.  This took place about 2 weeks ago.  It was the Marionette event, which had to do with the villain Scarlet.

GWDay 1

After a long day of fighting Scarlet’s minions, Adaliind lies down at the Great Bear Lodge in Holebrsk with Brutis watching over her.