A Day in the field/ And a revisit to Lion’s Arch

Adaliind started her day off as she always does.  She was prepared to go out and farm for minerals and just enjoy the beautiful day and adventures that may await her.  She started off in the Shiverpeaks Mountains in Lornar’s Pass.  She was near the Winterthaw trading post when she came across some Destroyers.  After taking care  of them she ventured further out and came across a tribe of Ettis.  Once again they were not friendly and deadly matters had to be initiated.   Lastly, she decided to visit her favorite place, Lion’s Arch.  She was one of the hero’s that had taken Scarlet down, so she was intrigued to go visit the city and see how it all fared out.  As she visited she kept hearing whispers of an Elder Dragon that might have awoken during Scarlet’s drilling in the bottom of the sea.  Adaliind’s hair raised up on the back of her neck, an Elder Dragon, a worthy opponent is all she could envision.  Only time would tell if this rumor was true.  But if it was, it was a battle she definitely would look forward to with great anticipation!


Battling with her jungle stalker, Simba, A Destroyer Troll is taken down.  At Adaliinds feet lies a Destroyer crab. 


Brutis, the brown bear, came and helped take down a Destroyer Harpy


Next was the attack with the Etti


One more to go down


Enjoying the fresh air with a beautiful view


Lion’s Arch (after Scarlet) a place where Adaliind use to visit and trade with the local merchants.


Several of the memorials seen around the city.  This one is actually thanking some of the heroes of Lion’s 

Arch for their courage and valor in defending the city.  Adaliind was amazed to find her name on the board.  


Much damage and months of work it will take to rebuild Lion’s Arch


Many citizens left behind are trying to find places where they can temporarily call home.

Lionguard is trying to maintain peace and keep looters away from peoples belongings left in the rubble. 


Another place of shelter


Much of the water is filled with debris, but it was nice to find this Quaggan home still intact.

Hopefully its owners will return soon. The sea is also showing signs of returning life.  Crabs, Shrimps,

schools of fish, Salmon and jellyfish are among some of the creatures seen so far. 


And yet another memorial for those souls that were lost during this battle.


Lion’s Arch

I figured since the event with Lion’s Arch is coming to a close, I would take the time to grab some pictures of the city.  Some areas I could not get to since they were guarded by mobs, but I did get some good shots anyway.  These were all taken by Lady Survonna as she journeyed through the destruction of Lion’s Arch.



Mystic plaza area


The Breachmaker drilling into the beautiful waters off the coast of Lion’s Arch


Underneath the waters the drill continues guarded by Elite Toxic Damoss and Nimrosses


Destruction is everywhere


Scarlet’s Knight waiting to battle


One of Scarlet’s airships


Canal Ward



Annaleise is a Norn elementalist.  She is attuned to the main elements; Fire, Water, Air and Earth.  Her love lies in the element of fire.  She is a  powerful and versatile spell caster that specialize in magical (elemental) damage. When she was young, her parents saw the gift their daughter had been given and brought her before the elders in the city of Hoelbrak.  It was determined she would have the best teachers to guide her in her magical talents.

Annaleise spends much of her time exploring Tyria.   She is one of the ambassadors of her clan seeking peace and trade with other races.  She enjoys traveling  to other cities and areas within Tyria to accomplish her peoples relationship with other nations.  Her journey does not always run smooth.  There are cults, thieves, wildlife and other dangers that cross her path.  She relies on her talent and skills to get her out of trouble.

Her spirit guide is the Bear, which teaches her there is a time to be forceful and a time to be gentle.  She visits the Bear lodge in Hoelbrak to pay tribute to her spirit guide.  When she is home, she enjoys the days with her family in their home on the outskirts of town.  Her favorite places are the hot springs in the Shadowhorns and the Heart of the Bear sanctuary in Wayfarer Foothills.


Bear lodge in Hoelbrak


Annaleise’s house outside Hoelbrak


Annaleise using the element of fire on a Sons of Svanir 


Using the element of air on a snow leopard