Zelechor Hot Springs

After a long day of venturing out into the lands of Tyria, Ellagwen enjoys a nice long visit at the hot springs in Wayfarer Foothills, in the Shadowhorns area.



Hot Springs

(Ellagwen is to the far right)


Dead End Tavern

Recently Ellagwen received a letter from Kasmeer Meade to attend a celebration at Dead End Tavern in Divinity’s Reach.  The celebration was to jubilate  the death of Scarlet Briar.  The whole gang was going to be there: Rox, Mahory Delaguqa and Braham Eirsson.  Taimi, the Asura also showed up to discuss the Scarlet incident.


From Left to Right: Braham Eirsson, Taimi, Majory Delaqua, Kasmeer Meaded, Rox


“Cheers” went up when Ellagwen stepped into the room for her accomplishment in 

helping defeat Scarlet Briar.  

Ellagwen and Kasmeer had a discussion about the dragon many were talking about.  When Scarlet and her Breachmaker were drilling in the ocean floor, it is said that the drill caused the elder dragon to stir.  Ellagwen went on to explain that Scarlet disturbed the ley lines , knowing they feed the dragon.  Dragons consume the magic in the ley lines which are currents in an ocean of magic.  Scarlet had all the intentions of doing this and now Tyria was going to have to deal with the awakening of one if most deadly enemies.

Diessa Plateau

Ellagwen (the thief) decided to venture out into the Charr territory of Diessa Plateau.  While there she stopped at the Village of Butcher’s Block and aided some of the warriors who had a festival in progress.  She then assisted the Lion Legion by taking care of some Dredge inhabitants in the Burrow of Moledavie.


Village of Butcher’s Block

Fighting the Dredge

Fighting the Dredge


One more down