Annaleise is a Norn elementalist.  She is attuned to the main elements; Fire, Water, Air and Earth.  Her love lies in the element of fire.  She is a  powerful and versatile spell caster that specialize in magical (elemental) damage. When she was young, her parents saw the gift their daughter had been given and brought her before the elders in the city of Hoelbrak.  It was determined she would have the best teachers to guide her in her magical talents.

Annaleise spends much of her time exploring Tyria.   She is one of the ambassadors of her clan seeking peace and trade with other races.  She enjoys traveling  to other cities and areas within Tyria to accomplish her peoples relationship with other nations.  Her journey does not always run smooth.  There are cults, thieves, wildlife and other dangers that cross her path.  She relies on her talent and skills to get her out of trouble.

Her spirit guide is the Bear, which teaches her there is a time to be forceful and a time to be gentle.  She visits the Bear lodge in Hoelbrak to pay tribute to her spirit guide.  When she is home, she enjoys the days with her family in their home on the outskirts of town.  Her favorite places are the hot springs in the Shadowhorns and the Heart of the Bear sanctuary in Wayfarer Foothills.


Bear lodge in Hoelbrak


Annaleise’s house outside Hoelbrak


Annaleise using the element of fire on a Sons of Svanir 


Using the element of air on a snow leopard