The Great Jungle Wurm

While Adaliind was venturing through the Caledon Forest, she entered the area of the Wychmire Swamp.  There was a battle in progress to protect the swamp area.  After victorious wins over several different enemies, the biggest threat was yet to reveal itself…..The Great Jungle Wurm.  The jungle wurm emerged from out of the ground and the battle was on.  Many warriors were in the fight and countless enemies tried to distract the hero’s by keeping them away from their main objective.   Needless to say, the combatants were successful in their mission and the jungle wurm was defeated.



Great Jungle Wurm from a distance


The battle begins!


The wurm near death.  

After the battle the champions were rewarded with gracious gifts.


Keeper of Winds and Keeper of Waves

While out exploring Mount Maelstrom, Adaliind came across the Keeper of Winds and the Keeper of Waves.  The keeper of winds is a black moa.  She wasn’t aware of this at the time, but by killing this keeper a portal would open to an unknown discovery.  The Keeper of Winds put up a great fight, but Adaliind and Simba (her jungle stalker) were victorious in the end.  A portal did open that leads to Dierdre’s Steps, which will be touched upon tomorrow.  As Adaliind ventured out of the portal she was placed in an area known as Gauntlet Gulch.  While there she found the Keeper of Waves, a giant crab.  Once again a battle ensued and in the end the Keeper laid defeated.  But something interesting happened……another portal open leading back to the secret garden she had just left.  Once again she stepped through and found more amazing challenges.

gw232 - Copy

Keeper of Winds

(The red glow is a skill I have with my pet called Rampage as One.  Basically when I rampage with my pet

I gain stability, fury and swiftness.  Me and my pet also gain might to each other)


Keeper of Waves


Keeper of Waves with my pet brown bear, Brutis


Once killing one of the Keepers, a portal appears

(There are four keepers all together; Keeper of Winds, Keeper of Waves, Keeper of Earth and Keeper of Life )


A brief glimpse from the other side of the portal.  It’s a secret garden with beautiful waterfalls and much, much more!

Aquabase Terror-Seven

Adaliind ventured down into the Benthic Kelp Beds near the Aquabase Terror-Seven community.  While there she met and defeated two champions; Champion Terror-Seven Krewe Leader and Champion Fluffy (Terror-Seven’s Pet) the armor fish.  Her pet in these battles was her Reef Drake.



Champion Terror-Seven Krewe Leader


Champion Fluffy

Pet of the Terror-Seven


Very mean pet!

Champion Orrian Terror

One of Adaliinds tasks today was defeating the Champion Orrian Terror in the waters of Mournful Death.  The champion was deep in the waters under the flooded castavall.  He was held captured there until an earthquake released him.  He is from the race of Risen and threatens all those who enter the waters nearby.


From Guild Wars 2 Wiki


Adaliind attacking the Champion with her armor fish close by


Deep near the bottom of the ocean floor, Adaliind encounter a Triop fish.  It appears to have a

strong shell and looks like a crab with a tail.  The creature was friendly, so she felt best to leave it alone.  

Her fighting fish is the Armor Fish.  He’s the one looking straight at the screen.  

Just his looks intimidates foes. 

A Day in the field/ And a revisit to Lion’s Arch

Adaliind started her day off as she always does.  She was prepared to go out and farm for minerals and just enjoy the beautiful day and adventures that may await her.  She started off in the Shiverpeaks Mountains in Lornar’s Pass.  She was near the Winterthaw trading post when she came across some Destroyers.  After taking care  of them she ventured further out and came across a tribe of Ettis.  Once again they were not friendly and deadly matters had to be initiated.   Lastly, she decided to visit her favorite place, Lion’s Arch.  She was one of the hero’s that had taken Scarlet down, so she was intrigued to go visit the city and see how it all fared out.  As she visited she kept hearing whispers of an Elder Dragon that might have awoken during Scarlet’s drilling in the bottom of the sea.  Adaliind’s hair raised up on the back of her neck, an Elder Dragon, a worthy opponent is all she could envision.  Only time would tell if this rumor was true.  But if it was, it was a battle she definitely would look forward to with great anticipation!


Battling with her jungle stalker, Simba, A Destroyer Troll is taken down.  At Adaliinds feet lies a Destroyer crab. 


Brutis, the brown bear, came and helped take down a Destroyer Harpy


Next was the attack with the Etti


One more to go down


Enjoying the fresh air with a beautiful view


Lion’s Arch (after Scarlet) a place where Adaliind use to visit and trade with the local merchants.


Several of the memorials seen around the city.  This one is actually thanking some of the heroes of Lion’s 

Arch for their courage and valor in defending the city.  Adaliind was amazed to find her name on the board.  


Much damage and months of work it will take to rebuild Lion’s Arch


Many citizens left behind are trying to find places where they can temporarily call home.

Lionguard is trying to maintain peace and keep looters away from peoples belongings left in the rubble. 


Another place of shelter


Much of the water is filled with debris, but it was nice to find this Quaggan home still intact.

Hopefully its owners will return soon. The sea is also showing signs of returning life.  Crabs, Shrimps,

schools of fish, Salmon and jellyfish are among some of the creatures seen so far. 


And yet another memorial for those souls that were lost during this battle.