itzel4This is the village of the Itzel hylek tribe.  Set in the trees in the Heart of Maguuma, these frogmen are intelligent and serene with nature.  

itzel2editedAdaliind with a villager

itzeledited-1Villager protecting the village


New Lion’s Arch

Well today was the big day!  Finally the new city of Lion’s Arch was revealed.  As I traveled around the city exploring all the new areas, I grabbed some screenshots of the beautiful work ArenaNet put together.



Beautiful outskirts of the city.  Cannons have now been placed along the cities walls for protection.


Guild Initiative Headquarters


Another view of the city


Roof of Lion’s Court


Crafting Area


Macha’s Landing…..Looks like a lobster 🙂


Beautiful Lighthouse

As I find new places, I will put the screenshots on the blog.  Now time to explore some more…………

King Pirate Drrikk’ttikk



The undemarket in Hooligan’s Route located in Lion’s Arch.  This is also the home of Pirate King Drrikk’ttikk.


King Drrikk’ttikk is a Skritt.  He is a rat-like creature who’s race lives underground.  Here he is with all his “shinies”, which is what Skritt call their possessions that shine or glitter.

And yes….that is a cat in a cage!

Rebuilding Lions Arch

Well the day has come where Lions Arch is finally under construction!  I took the time to go around the city and take some screenshots of construction site and workers.  I will miss the old city full of boats and the harbor atmosphere so popular among the city.  Only time will tell how the new Lions Arch will finally look.



Workers on scaffolds


Charr hard at work


Scaffolding and sand fillers


Working on bridge repair


Some of the old scenery of Lions Arch.  The boat decor made it such an original city.  


Soon the future of the city will reveal itself

Almuten Mansion

Almuten Estates is located in the area known as Gendarran Fields.  It is a mansion that is owned by a former Lionguard captain and ex-member of the Captain’s Council.  There is a quest in here to do, as well as a vista point and point of interest.  In the map you will see red triangles which represent the vista point.  The white dots represent the areas my character traveled.  The heart is the quest giver and the blue diamond is a waypoint.  This mansion is located on a beautiful lake known as Lake Bounty.








Victory Cenotaph

In the Plains of Ashford there stands a small hill called Victory Cenotaph that displays a statue for all the Charr to pay tribute to,  Pyre Fierceshot.  Pyre Fierceshot is actually an outcast for disobeying the Charr Shamans.  Click hear to read more about Pyre Fierceshot.  This area is also under attack throughout the day by the Flame Legion.




Statue of Pyre Fierceshot

Under his statue it reads:

“Look at this hero that stands before you an let him be your inspiration.

Pyre Fierceshot, bane of the Flame Legion, led us to freedom from

religious tyranny.  We owe him everything.”


Little Asura Guardian, Reyhann, stands at the base of the statue.