Hi, my name is Maria and this little blog is about my journey through the lands of Tyria and Beyond.  Tyria is the continent in the world of the same name, for the game Guild Wars 2.   Since the beginning of Guild Wars 2 and to date, there have been two expansions since I started this blog.  One is Heart of Thorns, which was released in October, 2015 and takes place in the Heart of Maguuma. The second expansion was Path of Fire which was released in September, 2017 and introduces you to the Crystal Desert.

I have several characters that are listed in this blog thus far, and have several new characters to introduce.  Once again, this is something I am looking forward to and will be sharing all kinds of screenshots.   Some photos will have a short story and others will have captions.  Just depends on the photo.  I don’t want to make this complicated and want to have fun with this task.

I will be back tracking now to explore the areas I have completed to locate great landscape screenshots and more. I am excited to be returning to zones to look at the areas with a different perspective than just to level through.

So join me in Tyria and Beyond and together we will explore and conquer all the corners of the world!!


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