Rebuilding Lions Arch

Well the day has come where Lions Arch is finally under construction!  I took the time to go around the city and take some screenshots of construction site and workers.  I will miss the old city full of boats and the harbor atmosphere so popular among the city.  Only time will tell how the new Lions Arch will finally look.



Workers on scaffolds


Charr hard at work


Scaffolding and sand fillers


Working on bridge repair


Some of the old scenery of Lions Arch.  The boat decor made it such an original city.  


Soon the future of the city will reveal itself


One thought on “Rebuilding Lions Arch

  1. I’m so excited for this! I wonder if we will get gradual upgrades or if it’ll just pop up in it’s new glory when it’s ready. I’d love to be able to explore different levels of the rebuilding progress.

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