Fawcett’s Revenge


Fawcett’s Revenge is another series of jumping puzzles and traps in the Hirathi Hinterlands.  Adaliind was shown this place by her friend Squiggle McGee.  She made it close to the end of the puzzle but missed her last jump.  Upon several tries, she constantly kept wiping out on the jumping aspects of the puzzle.  One of these days I will get the chest and will have a screenshot when that is accomplished.


There is a part in this puzzle where  you must quickly run across some rocks.

If you miss you fall into this pit and receive the achievement “Fawcett’s Revenge”

Hence, I fell in the pit the first time


You first come to a gate leading into a cave


There are three round tables you must pick up boulders from the stream and place them

directly in the center.


This is the rock floor you must run across to the other side.  It opens and under the rocks are spikes.

You must be quick so you don’t fall in.

(Refer to photo 1)


Once over the rocks, there is a series of caves with Pirates you must battle. The Pirates

will throw down traps that shoot up spikes, so you must be careful.  


Once through the tunnels, you will come across the pirate ship.  In the bow of the boat is the treasure chest. 

(My black bear, Adaliind, and Squiggles McGee)


To get to the boat, you must jump onto several boards protruding from the rock wall.

You can see me standing on one and Squiggles just below me


Yay!!  I made it to the last board.  Now all I had to do was jump on the sail post.  

No such luck.  As soon as I tried I was back in the water.  Squiggles made it and continued

and fought off the pirates and went below to gather his loot from the chest.

Me, I’m still trying.  I will get it one day!!!


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