Weyandt’s Revenge

Weyandt’s Revenge is located in the Sharkmaw Caverns inside Lions Arch.  It is a jumping puzzle which also has a sequence of traps.  The reward at the end is finding Captain Weyandt’s treasure chest, which contains loot for the player.  After talking with Captain Weyandt, you will exit the cave and meet his First Mate Shane.  Shane has several pirate weapons that players can buy using their karma points.  I was very fortunate to have a guild mate walk me through the puzzle.  You will see Asura, Squiggles Mcgee, level 80 elementalist, with me in some of the photos.



Sharkmaw Cavern – Entrance to Weyandt’s Revenge


Blue mist is the ghost of Captain Weyandt


Walking up the steps leading to a tunnel 

Squiggles McGee is at the top


The ghost of Captain Weyandt is leading us down a tunnel with a deadly trap


You must time yourself through this tunnel beacuse spears shoot out of the walls


As I said, spears everywhere!!


Treasure chest with Captain Weyandt standing at the top


A talk with the Captain


First Mate Shane

(Here is where you can buy some really cool pirate weapons)


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