Victory Cenotaph

In the Plains of Ashford there stands a small hill called Victory Cenotaph that displays a statue for all the Charr to pay tribute to,  Pyre Fierceshot.  Pyre Fierceshot is actually an outcast for disobeying the Charr Shamans.  Click hear to read more about Pyre Fierceshot.  This area is also under attack throughout the day by the Flame Legion.




Statue of Pyre Fierceshot

Under his statue it reads:

“Look at this hero that stands before you an let him be your inspiration.

Pyre Fierceshot, bane of the Flame Legion, led us to freedom from

religious tyranny.  We owe him everything.”


Little Asura Guardian, Reyhann, stands at the base of the statue. 


Shards of War

Shards of War are one of the few remaining crystals from the Searing in Ascalon.  An old commemorative plaque is at the base of the shard.  It reads:


Crystal remnant from the Searing.  The ruthless Charr used thei

magic to destroy much of civilization.

There efforts were rebuffed – King Adelbern remained in power and the

charr will soon be driven back.


Shards of War

Box o’ Fun

Sometimes as drops or purchased from the Black Lion Trading Company, there is a box that you can bring out and players basically can have fun!  You open the box and never know what goofs or gags you will get.  The box is available for 15 minutes.  Players can keep opening the box until it disappears.  The transformations last for roughly 15 seconds.  Here are some screenshots of what happened with Adaliind when she opened the box.  (Some of the screenshots not shown were the fireworks, the dance moves, other animal transformations and the petrified look ).



gw410 - Copy

Box o’ Fun


Getting ready to have some fun!


Turned into some type of an elemental bat


Transformed into a Crystal Ice minion


Transformed into a Skritt


And lastly, a giant form of myself