Breekeelee is a quaggan nursery that lies within a cave in Sanquine Bay.  It is southwest of Laughing Gull Island, in the Bloodtide Coast.   Quaggans are a peaceful, amphibious race, generally regarded as kind and gentle creatures – until they’re pushed. A quaggan who has been angered or is in pain will become a destructive, instinctive creature and transform to expose teeth and claws normally hidden by their rounded, benign exterior. They have had some trouble with aggressors – in particular the krait and most have moved from the open oceans to the rivers, lakes and shoreline around the Maguuma Jungle, Steamspur Mountains and Kryta.  (Guild Wars Wiki)




Breekeelee Nursery


Little Quaggans were everywhere


Glowing orbs are eggs of many local Quaggans


Baby Quaggan in the front, housing and eggs in the background

Several adult Quaggans watch over the young ones and tell stories of the past.


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