Claw of Jormag

Claw of Jormag is a boss fight in Guild Wars 2.  Jormag is the elder ice dragon who lives in the northern reaches of the Shiverpeaks Mountains.  Destroying corrupted ice shards and  icebrood minions is the first battle.  Once the dragon crystals are destroyed and many of the icebrood are defeated, Jormag the dragon will appear.  This takes place in the Frostwalk Tundra within the Frostgorge Sound.



Jormag from a distance


Dragon Crystal

(There are several of these around the area that must be destroyed first)


Corrupted ice shards in front of the dragon must be destroyed

in able to gain access to Jormag.


Jormag, The Elder Ice Dragon


The red circle is the claw that the player must destroy to defeat the dragon


Rewards for the heroes!!



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