Dierder’s Steps

Dierdre’s Steps is part of the Hidden Garden.  Yesterday I explained how you needed to kill one of the four keepers, which once defeated, would spawn a portal to the hidden gardens.  Dierdre’s Steps is a series of jumping puzzles where you must gather the Cantles of the four elements (Air, Light, Earth, Sea).  You must have these in order to open the Sylvan chest.  To gain three of the elements you must do so by jumping from platform to platform.  Platforms could be tree limbs, mushrooms, leaves, and bridge crossings.  I have only been able to get the Cantle of the earth and sea.  Jumping puzzles are not my thing and I am so uncoordinated when trying to do so. I found a pretty good video that will help describe the concept to you.  At the bottom are some of the pictures I took while strolling around the hidden garden.



Beautiful waterfalls throughout the area


Saw this as I was jumping up the middle tree……Can you see a face?


Pretty coral and aquatic life


Bright glowing flowers and plants


Middle tree where Dierdre and the Sylvan chest are located


Dierdre and the Sylvan chest

(Chest is in the background off to the right)


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