Svanir Champion Shaman Chief

The Champion Svanir Shaman Chief  is an epic boss located in Frusenfell Creek of Wayfarer Foothills.  There are several stages to this event.  First you must protect Scholar Brogun from Grawl attacks as he makes his way to destroy a shrine.  You then must fight off the shaman’s elite guard.  After that you must destroy corrupted portals summoning creatures from the mists.  Lastly, the battle with the shaman chief and once he is defeated players are rewarded with a chest full of loot 🙂



Champion Svanir Shaman Chief  

(Annaleise is using her element of earth)


Annaleise using her element of water




Breekeelee is a quaggan nursery that lies within a cave in Sanquine Bay.  It is southwest of Laughing Gull Island, in the Bloodtide Coast.   Quaggans are a peaceful, amphibious race, generally regarded as kind and gentle creatures – until they’re pushed. A quaggan who has been angered or is in pain will become a destructive, instinctive creature and transform to expose teeth and claws normally hidden by their rounded, benign exterior. They have had some trouble with aggressors – in particular the krait and most have moved from the open oceans to the rivers, lakes and shoreline around the Maguuma Jungle, Steamspur Mountains and Kryta.  (Guild Wars Wiki)




Breekeelee Nursery


Little Quaggans were everywhere


Glowing orbs are eggs of many local Quaggans


Baby Quaggan in the front, housing and eggs in the background

Several adult Quaggans watch over the young ones and tell stories of the past.


While in the town of Garenhoff, Zeallana came across master elementalist Dylane.  He made a bet with her that she could not defeat his fire minon, Merkessa.  Zeallana, always up for a good challenge, decided to take the fire minion on.



Zeallana with Master Elementalist Dylane

Merkessa is in the background


The fight begins!

After all is said and done, Zeallana comes out as the winner.  Master Dylane is very impressed with Zeallana and wishes more of his students would learn as quickly.




Claw of Jormag

Claw of Jormag is a boss fight in Guild Wars 2.  Jormag is the elder ice dragon who lives in the northern reaches of the Shiverpeaks Mountains.  Destroying corrupted ice shards and  icebrood minions is the first battle.  Once the dragon crystals are destroyed and many of the icebrood are defeated, Jormag the dragon will appear.  This takes place in the Frostwalk Tundra within the Frostgorge Sound.



Jormag from a distance


Dragon Crystal

(There are several of these around the area that must be destroyed first)


Corrupted ice shards in front of the dragon must be destroyed

in able to gain access to Jormag.


Jormag, The Elder Ice Dragon


The red circle is the claw that the player must destroy to defeat the dragon


Rewards for the heroes!!


The Great Jungle Wurm

While Adaliind was venturing through the Caledon Forest, she entered the area of the Wychmire Swamp.  There was a battle in progress to protect the swamp area.  After victorious wins over several different enemies, the biggest threat was yet to reveal itself…..The Great Jungle Wurm.  The jungle wurm emerged from out of the ground and the battle was on.  Many warriors were in the fight and countless enemies tried to distract the hero’s by keeping them away from their main objective.   Needless to say, the combatants were successful in their mission and the jungle wurm was defeated.



Great Jungle Wurm from a distance


The battle begins!


The wurm near death.  

After the battle the champions were rewarded with gracious gifts.

Dive Master

As I was reading about achievements for Guild Wars 2, I came across an achievement called Dive Master.  There are 37 areas where you must place goggles on and jump into the water below.  It’s not as easy as it may seem.  There are rock ledges and small water areas to contend with.  Zeallana came across her first challenge at Isgarren’s View, which is located in the Cereboth Canyon outside of Garenhoff city.



Goggles on and getting ready for her jump


She has to jump off this high cliff into the waters below


Looking up at the area she has to jump from.  That very high cliff with the pointed edge!


And she made it!!!

(Now we have 36 more to complete)